Gifted Repository

Repository for New Teachers

Module 1DifferentiationReadworks:!q:/g:/t:/pt:/features:/Levelled texts to Readworks but more updated material
Module 2Ideal Classroom teachers can use in the gifted classroom to create the ideal learning environment
Module 3RAFT,important%20concepts%20faced%20with%20writing.Sample of RAFT strategy being used
 Technology student responses in real time Pre approve responses before they are posted
Module 4Design Thinking the students
 Motivating Gifted Students Dweck video: A Study on Praise and Mindsets  
Module 5Project Based Learning in Middle School teacher’s story of how she incorporated Project Based Learning
 Problem Based Learning 
 Problem Based Learning vs Project Based Learning differences explained with examples
Module 6Talent Development Development Simplified
 Gifted Education for All which includes what you should know to improve